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Seminar 1 2021-2023: Laboratory Hematology - Immunophenotyping by flow cytometry

Presenter: Prof. André Gothot – CHU Liège - Oct 16, 2021

Chairs: Dr. Helena Devos, Prof. Pierre Heimann

Automated blood cell count (Prof. Stijn Lambrecht – UZ Gent)

Blood and Bone marrow morphology (Laurence Rozen – CHU Brugmann)

Immunophenotyping by flow cytometry (Prof. André Gothot – CHU Liège)

Cytogenetics (PhD Katrina Rack – UZ Leuven)

Molecular Hematology (Apr. PhD. Marie-Berthe Maes - UZA)

The role of the pathologist in the diagnosis of hematologic diseases
(Prof. Thomas Tousseyn – UZ Leuven)

Closing remarks

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