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Seminar 3 2021-2023: acute leukemia - APL/acute promyelocytic leukemia

Presenter: Dr. Sebastian Wittnebel - Jules Bordet Institute - Dec 18, 2021

Chairs: Dr. Dimitri Breems (ZN Antwerpen) & Prof. Carlos Graux (UCLouvain)

- AML: WHO classification, biology and prognosis (Dr. Dimitri Breems - ZN Antwerpen)

- AML: clinical aspects and intensive treatment (Dr. Ine Moors - UZ Gent)

- APL/acute promyelocytic leukemia (Dr. Sebastian Wittnebel - Jules Bordet Institute)

- ALL/lymphoblastic lymphoma (Prof. Carlos Graux - UCLouvain)

- Acute leukemia and agressive lymphoma in children (Prof. Dr. Barbara De Moerloose - UZ Gent)

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