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The Belgian Hematology Society is proud to welcome you to our Hemato Knowledge Hub. Part of BHS Education, the Hub is the hematology go-to e-learning platform.

BHS Abstract Book 2022

Consult the abstracts submitted for the 37th General Annual Meeting, hybrid meeting.

The e-posters can be rechecked and the abstract book can be downloaded on the 37th GAM on-demand live platform.

Highlighted webinars & recordings

BHS Webinar supported by Sanofi

Coping project: U hebt een chronische ziekte. En nu… ? / Vous avez une maladie chronique. Et maintenant...?

Moderator: Mrs. Sophie Van Wel - Speaker: Mrs. Caroline Volckaerts - Feb 23, 2022

This BHS Webinar is on "Coping project: U hebt een chronische ziekte. En nu… ? / Vous avez une maladie chronique. Et Maintenant.. ​​​​​​​".

Language: English & (Dutch & French)

Supported by Sanofi

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BHS 2022

Highlight 1

Presenter: Jean-Jaques Kiladjian, Hôpital Saint Louis - Feb 4, 2022

Chairs: Timothy Devos & Dominiek Mazure

Management of myelofibrosis: novel approaches and recent evolutions

Jean-Jaques Kiladjian, Hôpital Saint Louis Paris, France

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BHS 2022

Welcome & Myeloma: disease and treatment

Presenters: Cristina Baiana, Marijke Quaghebeur, Nicolas Kint - Feb 4, 2022

Cristina Baiana, Chair BHS nurse committee
Marijke Quaghebeur, Board member BHS nurse committee

Myeloma: disease and treatment

Nicolas Kint, UZ Brussel, Belgium

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BHS 2022

Oral Abstracts

Presenters: Julien Devreux, Stef Meers, Koen Debackere, Marie-Christiane Vekemans, Siska Blomme, Wouter De Brouwer - Feb 4, 2022

Chairs: Dimitri Breems & Marc André

Julien Devreux, de Duve Institute Brussels, Belgium

Stef Meers, AZ Klina Brasschaat, Belgium

Koen Debackere, KU Leuven / UZ Leuven, Belgium

Marie-Christiane Vekemans, UC Louvain, Belgium

Siska Blomme, AZ-Sint Jan Brugge, Belgium

Wouter De Brouwer, UZ Brussel, Belgium

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BHS Post ASH2022 Asset HUB

Thrombosis & Hemostasis

Presenter: Prof. Cedric Hermans, UCLouvain - Jan 14, 2022

Post-ASH Session I: Thrombosis & Hemastasis - Cedric Hermans, UCLouvain

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BHS Educational Courses Hub

Seminar 4 2021-2023: Supportive care in hematology - Principles of treatment

Presenter: Dr. Ann De Becker, AZ VUB - Jan 15, 2022

Chairs: Dr. Ann De Becker (AZ VUB) & Prof. Nicole Straetmans (UCLouvain)

Principles of treatment - Dr. Ann De Becker, AZ VUB

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The BHS Webinar supported by Pfizer will take place on Thursday, 21 April 2022 at 7 PM.

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