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Nurse area

This page is dedicated to hosting the BHS's new educational eLearning program for our hematological nurses.

What will you find out here? All eLearning materials of the BHS nurse events and alternative eLearning programs dedicated to nurses and endorsed by the BHS.

Nurses' events materials

You can find below the upcoming events dedicated to the BHS nurses:

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BHS Local training to nurses

BHS will organise, with the support of its nurse partner, Servier, local trainings especially dedicated to BHS nurses in Flanders & Wallonia, on the theme of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Dates & Locations:

  • Thursday, 21 September (17:30-20:30), UZ Gent
More info about the programme and registrations HERE


  • Thursday, 30 November (14:30-17:30), CHU-UCL Namur (Godinne)

More info about the programme and registrations HERE

Seauton staff BHS sponsors 500300

The Belgian Hematology Society would like to acknowledge all the Nurse partners who loyally support the continued education of nurses in the field of hematology in Belgium.

Main nurse partners

Nurse partners