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Seminar 11 2021-2023: MYELODYSPLASTIC SYNDROM AND BONE MARROW FAILURE SYNDROMES - Acquired idiopathic aplastic anemia and PNH

Presenter: Dr. Anne-Sophie Bouillon - CHU Liège - Jan 14, 2023

Chairs: Prof Dr Mariëlle Beckers (UZ Leuven) & Dr Sophie Servais (CHU Sart Tilman Liège)

  • Clonal hematopoiesis, CHIP, CHOP, ARCH (Dr. Ann De Becker - VUB)
  • Diagnosis and classification of MDS (Prof. Mariëlle Beckers - KUL)
  • Treatments of MDS (Dr. Dominik Selleslag - AZ St Jan Brugge)
  • Inherited BMF syndromes: Fanconi's anemia + others (e.g. Blackfan-Diamond, dyskeratosis congenital, telomere diseases) (Prof. Veerle Labarque - KUL)
  • Acquired idiopathic aplastic anemia and PNH (Dr. Anne-Sophie Bouillon - CHU Liège)

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