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Seminar 2 2021-2023: Red Blood Cell Disorders - Hypoproliferative anemia and iron metabolism

Presenter: Prof. Yves Beguin - University of Liège - Nov 13, 2021

Chairs: Dr. Cécile Boulanger and Dr. Marie-Agnès Azerad

- Acquired hemolytic, megaloblastic and sideroblastic anemias (Prof. Daan Dierickx - UZ Leuven)

- Hypoproliferative anemia and iron metabolism (Prof. Yves Beguin - University of Liège)

- Porphyria, Methb, Metabolic diseases with Red cell repercussion Gaucher disease (Massimo Camaiani - LHUB ULB)

- Tips and tricks to diagnose congenital red blood cell disorders (Anne Sophie Adam - LHUB ULB) Please note that Anne-Sophie Adam replaced Beatrice Gulbis

- Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SCD (But Were Afraid to Ask) (Prof. S. Benghiat) Please note that the recording of this lecture will be available in January 2022

Closing remarks

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